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A Welcoming Service

Anna started organising weddings in Greece whilst living in Athens. An opportunity opened up for Anna which bought her to Bordeaux in 2006. In 2007 Anna took the position of wedding planner at Chateau Lagorce. The essence of organisation is communication, and with 5 languages spoken fluently, Anna is at the forefront of her profession. You will often find Anna in the centre of Bordeaux, keeping in touch with the local artists and artisans. She is always looking for new ideas to put on the table, to guarantee the sucess of each lifetime event. 

"I am here to ensure that you are able to relax during the planning process, while all the detail are personally taken care of locally. This is so that all your expectations are fulfilled on one of the most important days of your life."    -Anna Holmes

Wedding planner at Chateau Lagorce Bordeaux / Dordogne France.